Linux Air Combat Enhancements and Optional Downloads

If your computer is equipped with a fast processor, plenty of RAM, and hardware-accelerated graphics of the type made popular by nVidia and ATI, you can make LAC look better by replacing one or more of the existing, standard .3ds models representing aircraft or airfield facilities with more detailed versions. On the other hand, if your computer struggles to deliver fast, smooth performance while rendering our standard .3ds models, you can make LAC perform better by replacing those standard .3ds models with less detailed versions.

Whether you are looking for faster, simpler models or more sophisticated, more demanding ones, you can use "Blender" to create your own, or you can use the links below to download models created by others. For all of the download links below, use "root" privileges to replace the corresponding file (within the /usr/share/lac/models subdirectory) with the download, and then test the result to see if it helps. If you don't like the change, simply download the corresponding file from our standard "normal" graphics set, using the link below to restore the prior performance.

NOTE: In early January of 2021, many of the .3ds models were optimized for our "normal" graphics set. This optimization generally made this "normal" set of .3ds aircraft models look as good as those that had previously been available only in our most detailed set, while improving their performance almost to the level previously published in our "simplified" graphics set! Accordingly, most users will benefit by replacing ALL of LAC's .3ds models with those found in the standard "normal" set below. After making that change and evaluating the results, you always have the option to replace one or more of the resulting .3ds models with the corresponding model from the "more detailed" set in order to get even better appearance, or from the "simplified" set in order to improve frame rate.

Fiat G55
CLICK HERE to examine our optional downloads with more detailed graphics, for more powerful LINUX desktop computers. (There are only a few of these that are better than the "standard" set. Use the "standard" set for all others.)

Fiat G55, medium detail (standard set)
CLICK HERE for optional downloads from our standard, "normal" graphics set, suitable for typical LINUX desktop computers. This set of artwork was significantly optimized in January of 2021. If you are using any version of LAC from V8.41 or earlier, we recommend downloading ALL of the .3ds model files from this "normal" set and replacing all of the corresponding .3ds files in use. You will notice very nice improvements in the appearance of many of LAC's aircraft.

Fiat G55, mimimun detail
CLICK HERE for optional downloads from our simplified graphics set, for less powerful LINUX desktop computers like the Raspberry Pi. (There are only a few of these files, because those in the "normal", "standard" set are now so well optimized that only a few of them benefit from further optimization for rendering speed.)

YOU CAN BECOME A PART OF THE LAC TEAM by creating or enhancing our models! If you create an improved, low-polygon .3ds model that you are willing to donate to the public domain for the benefit of the LAC community, please contact us. Send email to "". THANKS!
(Note that in order to meet LAC's demands for rendering speed, graphic designers report that they have best results when limiting the vertices of rounded objects. Generally 8 or 10 vertices are best for large objects, and 5 or 6 vertices work well for small objects.)