LAC Software Technology

Linux Air Combat on Steam Deck.
NEW! LAC now runs nicely on Valve Corporation's new "Steam Deck" portable console gaming PC. CLICK HERE for more details.

LAC software can be configured for your hardware and your gaming preferences by any combination of:

CLICK HERE for LAC's official downloads

CLICK HERE for information from our forums about our new, precompiled, universally compatible binary distribution that may make it possible for you to avoid compiling LAC for use on any of the most popular desktop LINUX distros. This is based on the well-known "AppImage" tools and format.

CLICK HERE for a YouTube PlayList with comprehensive instruction on the way we downloaded, installed, configured, optimized, and enhanced the universally precompiled AppImage version of Linux Air Combat and its optional "LacMenuLauncher" companion, integrating them into the LINUX desktop menus for easy "one click" access, in October of 2023.

CLICK HERE for information about compiling and running LAC on Raspberry Pi CLICK HERE for our "Compiling LAC on PcLinuxOs" playlist. Sweet and simple download, compile, install, configure, and test demo.
CLICK HERE for our "Compiling LAC on Debian Linux" playlist. The best and simplest of our compilation tutorials, this will be useful on other platforms too.
CLICK HERE for our "Compiling LAC on MX Linux" playlist. Another simple tutorial for compiling LAC. Should be useful on other platforms too.
CLICK HERE for our "Compiling LAC on Linux Mint" playlist (now slightly out of date but still useful).
CLICK HERE for our new LAC on Ubuntu 2020" playlist with important tips on installing, configuring, and compiling LAC on Ubuntu desktop Linux from Sep2020
CLICK HERE for our "LAC on UBUNTU" playlist for help compiling, installing, and configuring LAC on Ubuntu systems. (This is the OLDER set of video clips, from 2017).
CLICK HERE for new information from our forums about a few official or semi-official LINUX Repositories already supporting LAC for certain desktop LINUX distros. If your distro has a Repository offering LAC, you'll find this to be the easiest, simplest, best-supported installation method.
CLICK HERE for our comprehensive "Video HowTo" series. These will help you get LAC software set up.

LAC is updated from time to time. Here's a YouTube clip showing how to update your working copy of LAC to the latest, greatest version. It's a great demonstration of the very simplest way to compile LAC after you're equipped with all of the prerequisites:

HERE is a YouTube PlayList with a series of brief clips that comprehensively demonstrate EXACTLY how I downloaded, installed, configured, optimized, enhanced, and ran a recent version of LAC and a recent version of the optional, new text-based "LacMenuLauncher":

     That PlayList includes details on integrating LAC and the
     LacMenuLauncher into the main menus of my desktop
     LINUX system, giving me easy, one-click access.

Here's a YouTube clip documenting my earliest efforts to compile LAC's "grand-daddy", the classic "GL-117" video game. I was so impressed with the free, published source code of GL-117 that I decided to use it as the basis for LAC. Since that time, I've spent more than 7 years studying and building upon that code. At first, I ripped it apart, stripping it down to just the bare bones of its skeleton. Then I began expanding and comprehensively rewriting that foundational code to produce LAC. Even though Linux Air Combat has departed far and wide from its GL-117 origins, the compilation process is very similar, and all of the prerequisite software libaries and tools are unchanged. If you can compile GL-117, you can compile LAC! Here's how I did it five years ago: