LAC Voice Communication with "Mumble"

The Linux Air Combat community uses the free, well-known, open-source "Mumble" application for voice communication. In fact, Mumble works so well for us that it has emerged as the primary focus for all of our community interaction and communication. We sponsor a free Mumble server at that serves as the nexus for all of our gatherings and event planning. If you want to fly with others in any of our missions, your best tactic is to download and install "Mumble" and then just "hang out" in the "root" channel of our Mumble server. Mumble can alert you when others join, and you can then negotiate mutually compatible online schedules with easy, friendly conversation. Furthermore, Mumble is powerfully integrated into LAC's cockpit and missions.

Visit our "Mumble and LAC" forums for the latest details and hints about use of Mumble with LAC. Some environments (like ancient versions of PcLinuxOs) need special configuration to get Mumble and LAC to interact sensibly, and in those situations, our forums are your best resource!

You will enjoy LAC a lot more if you become skilled with Mumble. The YouTube video clips below will help!