LAC Basic Flight Training Resources

YouTube video clips for absolute beginners with LAC. The first introduces LAC's optional new cockpit from Feb2024 and helps you interpret all of the other video clips for either of the two different cockpit instrument arrangements. The next is for players using a joystick (those using a Console Game Controller instead of a joystick will also find this first clip useful, but they will also want to take a look at THIS YOUTUBE PLAYLIST). The next two clips will be better for those that don't have a joystick.  The fifth clip is a comprehensive tour of LAC's cockpit instruments, based on our old (but still  available and supported) "glass cockpit" layout. If you are using our newer "WW2" cockpit, you'll have to adapt your interpetation of that video a bit. The remaining clips build on the foundation from earlier ones.

After watching all of these video clips and exercising our tutorial missions, beginners will be ready for the more advanced training resources HERE.

Finally, here's a video clip showing how all of the basics are used in combat, featuring our simple, offline, "FIGHTERS" tutorial mission, and illustrating the optional, updated version of our cockpit instruments:


That video clip illustrates some more advanced concepts and techniques. To help you master those, continue your training with our LAC Advanced Flight Training page.