Finding Aces High Version 1.11 Patch 4

This is the best version of "Aces High 1" or "Aces High Classic", and it's the best version for use with old AH1 terrains. It's also the best version for older computers. It also runs very well under most modern versions of LINUX, under the free "Wine" emulator.

I like this old version. The graphics aren't quite as spiffy as newer versions, and the sound doesn't support the amazing "doppler effects" that characterize newer offerings. Offline missions are limited to rote target practice against mindless drones that just circle the airfields. Fewer planes are offered. But all of the most important planes and features are there, and it runs better on older computers. The flight modeling and realism are all present to meet the expectations of sophisticated combat sim pilots. This is GREAT for LAN parties, and GREAT for introducing young people to the hobby, because they are often running on older "hand-me-down" computers that can't handle the newer versions.

Finding Aces High "Classic" version 1.11 Patch 4 on the Internet is easy, because several archive sites are always publishing it. The best method is to do a "Google" search, using their prominent "Advanced Search" option. In the search box labeled "this exact wording or phrase", enter "ah1114.exe" (without the quote marks). Clicking the "Advanced Search" button will yield a list of 50 or more web sites that reference a file by that name. In my experience, there are always several that will let you download the full, 33Megabyte Installer for free. 

BE CAREFUL! Downloading executable files from unknown sites is always risky. Follow well-known, sensible security practices: Don't execute any file that isn't the correct (33MB) size. Make sure your firewall is active and that you are running an up-to-date virus scanner. If you aren't comfortable with the ads or links on the site, look for something that's better established.