Aces High II Version 2.12P4

This is the best version for LAN play, and it was the last version supporting the old "Head-to-Head" combat. Support for offline missions was fairly new when this version was released, but it does support the vast majority of the offline missions that have ever been written (especially if they are recompiled from the original source code using a corresponding, old version of the Mission Editor). Computer-generated aircraft fly very good combat in this version. The greatest thing about this version is that it is possible to fly offline missions on a LAN, so several human players can team up against computer-controlled drones.

Overall, this is my favorite-ever version of Aces High, and when I write new offline missions, I always write them for this version first, and when I add a lot of "bells and whistles" to a mission, they are always optimized for this version.

Finding Aces High 2 Version 2.12 Patch 4 (The last version supporting free LAN play) can be tricky; there aren't very many web sites that appreciate the value of this gem enough to republish it. The best way is to do a "Google" search, using their prominent "Advanced Search" option. In the search box labeled "this exact wording or phrase", enter "ah2124.exe" (without the quote marks). Clicking the "Advanced Search" button will yield a list of a few web sites that reference a file by that name. In my experience, there are always one or two that will let you download the full, 125 Megabyte Installer for free.

BE CAREFUL! Downloading executable files from unknown sites is always risky. Follow well-known, sensible security practices: Don't execute any file that isn't the correct (approximately 125MB) size. Make sure your firewall is active and that you are running an up-to-date virus scanner. If you aren't comfortable with the ads or links on the site, look for something that's better established.