The Air Warrior Combat Flight Simulator

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This video clip lasts for 10 minutes, and it's fantastically fun for "old-timers" that remember the grand times with "Air Warrior" and for newcomers that want to know why the veterans of this hobby still get misty-eyed when they talk about Air Warrior. It shows online combat in Air Warrior's old "Pacific" theatre of operations. You'll also hear live voice banter using the earliest online voice chat technology, with a lively voice-over narration added after the flight. The computer graphics of the late 1990s weren't as smooth or as detailed as those that are available today, and the "frame rates" (the number of times per second that a computer can recalculate and re-draw the visual image) were down in the 20s and 30s, so some of the high-speed combat is a little rougher than that experience by today's well-equipped virtual pilot: