Combat Flight Simulator 2 (CFS2) Movies by "Peabody"

On the 7th of December, 1944, Jerry Johnson and his small group of P38s fighter aircraft patrolled above Ormoc Bay in the Philipine Islands while thousands of American troops assembled in naval landing craft below. The American invasion of the Philipines, begun a few days before, was jeopardized because the port and landing facilities at Leyte Gulf were choked with incoming personnel and equipment, and the Japanese had reinforced Leyte with tens of thousands of battle-hardened warriors from Manilla. The Japanese had used landing facilities in Ormoc city for those landings, and the Americans felt, after days of hard fighting, that they were now ready to capture and use those badly needed facilities.

Jerry's group had to keep Japanese aircraft from harassing the American destroyers and transport troops below. The patrol was routine at first, and it looked for awhile like there were no Japanese aircraft to be found. Then a strong force of bombers was spotted, accompanied by "Oscar" fighters. Jerry Johnson's amazing attack on 3 of those Oscars has gone down in aviation history.