Linux Air Combat Documentation
Cockpit view   Linux Air Combat on Steam Deck.
All documentation for Linux Air Combat ("LAC") is available online, in a mixture of printable text and "YouTube" video clips. We publish YouTube videos frequently.

LAC is a free, open-source software product of, where we also publish video clips about technology, networks, LINUX, security, and gaming. CLICK HERE for our YouTube channel, where you can subscribe, receive alerts about new clips as they are published, then watch them on your smartphone, tablet, PC, or Internet TV.

Click the links below to explore favorite categories:

CLICK HERE for LAC's primary web page
CLICK HERE for LAC's "FAQ" (Frequently Asked Questions)
CLICK HERE for the LAC Forums
CLICK HERE for our "ChangeLog", describing features of every published version of LAC (newest version described at the end.)
CLICK HERE to download a full installation kit including source code
CLICK HERE to download a precompiled x86 binary configured for universal compatibility with (almost) any popular desktop LINUX distro

After installing LAC according to our established norms, your keyboard, numeric keypad, mouse, (and optional joystick or 4-axis USB console-style game controller) keys, buttons, and axes, are mapped as follows:

LAC Keyboard Map Lac Numeric KeypadLAC Mouse ControlsConsole Game Controller. Lac JoystickLinux Air Combat controls mapped for Steam Deck.