Aces High Combat Flight Simulator

Obtaining, Installing, and Configuring the Free Software

The "Aces High" combat flight simulator software generates revenue for their producers because it works best in their subscription-based environment. Most users pay a modest, monthly fee to fly in the online "arenas" administered by HiTechCreations, Inc, where hundreds of skilled allies and opponents can always be found flying. The experience is intense and satisfying, and the company is responsive to the needs and interests of virtual pilots desiring fellowship and combat flight. In order to recruit new customers, the software is available as a free download, and it is licensed for free use under very generous and reasonable conditions. You can do quite a bit with the free software. Most beginners spend time learning the basics of flight "offline", without paying anything for the software, before they enter the subscription arenas. You can fly your chosen airplane all alone, or against computer-controlled opponents. The skill of these opponents ranges from "mindless drone" at the low end up to sophisticated waves of "virtual aces" contained within "offline missions".

The following movies show exactly how I downloaded the free software in September of 2009, how I installed it on a typical Windows XP host, and how it was easily configured for first-time use.  These movies use recent versions of the free Aces High Software, but in some cases I prefer older versions like these:

I like to fly the Lockheed P38 "Lightning" model, so the third movie shows how I selected and armed that aircraft from the virtual "hangar".

If you want to get started with Aces High, this is the easiest way forward.

Watch these movies:

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